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With an intuitive interface tailored for mobile phone, PDA or PC web browser, you can control and monitor any subsystem that receives messages and alerts wherever you are. You can also take a look at your property or house whenever you want to check what’s on home video transmission over the Internet thanks.
In case of intrusion, motion/presence detectors start to record a video. The same in cases of flood or fire, through water detectors, fire or gas.
Of course, the system automatically operates under scenarios of burglary, flood, fire (control solenoid for mounted water pipes, sprinklers to fire the solenoid mounted on the gas pipes, control outbreaks of fire insulation is already installed, the command window, doors, emergency lighting, power supply to the socket, alerting dispatchers to firefighters and police, your installers, etc.).
Ekon allows you to control your home through various interfaces. With personalized solutions you can:

  • create scenarios with a touch screen, eg: “read”, “movie”, “relaxation”
  • switches use radio waves, customizable, which gives you more flexibility and more control than a traditional wired
  • the module housing program “vacation” with the push of a button, turning light on/off to simulate the presence
  • temperature control, air conditioning and view instant switch displayed on the display, thus avoiding congestion wall devices
  • control a variety of devices such as fans, boilers, automatic curtains,
  • with a single controller, minimizing the impact on interior design.
  • integrated design automation systems, allowing applications to control and manage all of your home.

Proiectam sisteme de automatizare integrate, oferind posibilitatea de a controla si gestiona toate aplicatiile din casa dumneavoastra.

We offer solutions for the control from a single point in a variety of applications. Proposed protocol with integrated systems from Ekon meet standards such as Ethernet, RS232, USB, radio frequency and infrared, allowing you to enjoy tehonologie anywhere, anytime in any way. Integration options include:

  • environmental requirements such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • lighting, equipment appliances, blinds, shading systems
  • communication via phone, email, internet, intercom and video conferencing entertainment solutions via TV, satellite, DVD, audio, video and home cinema
  • security systems including alarm, digital surveillance, access control

We design customized solutions as required using a portfolio of products that have been tried and tested.