Smart House benefits

1) low environmental impact

Managing energy and water can reduce unnecessary consumption in many ways – for example to ensure that systems are active only when necessary, controlling windows automation to maximize natural light intensity, shade or ventilation, or by activating systems irrigation as needed during the cold season.

2) Continuous improvement of life quality

An intelligent home system takes care of heating, cooling, lighting, irrigation, people being deprived from an extra care. Ambient temperature is maintained at an optimal level, and interior lighting is controlled by outdoor lighting and warmth whenever it is possible. Comfort and convenience are not compromised. Important is that a well-designed system will be easy to use, with the ability to adapt according to needs.

3) Economic benefits

Combining technology for energy and water management in a house equipped with an automation system is not only a sustainable approach, but also an opportunity to save.
Managing energy and water consumption decreases invoice values from electricity and water suppliers; smart meters providing substantial savings.

The energy efficiency of a home increases its market value.