General presentation

We offer complete services for you to choose an optimal solution for automation, acquisition of materials and equipment necessary for the chosen automation. Consulting is for helping you achieve the best energy savings in what you are based on, whether is achieving optimum efficiency in your business or you want to get comfort and safety in your office or home.

Full house automation offered by Ekon streamlines and simplifies all the technology present in your home, offering the latest innovations in comfort and convenience. The Ekon solution eliminates the need to cross each room to adjust the intensity of natural lighting by remote actuation of blinds, temperature, audio – video accessories, artificial lighting and power circuits.

Implementing solutions offered by Ekon refers to energy management, so that the advantages will be effective. Architects, technicians, builders and installers know that those customers who choose Ekon guarantee the quality, innovation and service you deserve for each job. Whether we refer to a color touch screen, remote control or configured keys, total control is always at hand.

Ekon allows you to indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. Imagine! With one touch light intensity is adjustable, blinds close, the Smart TV starts and the favorite show is just beginning. It only remains to bring popcorn and juice. Imagine that your shading accessories can be configured to adjust at preset times, in order to reduce glare and protect delicate fabrics, works of art, in the way of harmful sun rays.
Imagine how Ekon can improve your life!