Be green with Ekon

Cum sa te ajuti singur sa economisesti curent

Most of us have at least one mobile phone, and many of us have laptops, video cameras or other devices that use battery chargers. And you know it happened at least once in a hurry to leave the house or go to bed without pulling the plug off the charger, which is not used anyway. They still consume power even when not powered to devices that are connected normally. You need a measure voltage or amperage to realize that. Grab a charger socket left. If it is hot or has an LED indicating connection status, it consumes energy in vain. This is harmful both for the environment and for your pocket. Below, we give some ideas to reduce your electricity consumption:

Reduce electricity wastage at the office

Power consumption is the lowest in our list of attention in the office. Look around you and see what equipment works without the need for them: open computers, air conditioners, coffee machines etc that no longer warm anything. Remember how many times you forget the air conditioner on over night or whenever lights remained on in the bathroom. Help reduce power consumption of your business even if you are not directly affected:

None of the above items require a special effort to be implemented.
It depends on how responsible you are with the needed energy in the office. You get to save much of it, with a minimum of effort.